Importance of PMP® Examination Content Outline

Many aspirants of the PMP® Exam are often unaware of PMP® Examination Content Outline and some successful credential holders are also unfamiliar with the importance as well. The Project Management Institute uses the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. This is to support its process with industry best practices.

The Role Delineation Study specifies the knowledge, skills and tasks a project manager performs based on the importance and frequency of each centered around industry standards and ensures that the exam is reflective of knowledge and skills required of a project manager in real life scenarios. It is highly important the PMP® Exam reflects the practices of the industry as it leads to a professional credential. Thus, the exam questions are designed to mimic the PMP® Examination Content Outline and ensure that questions in the exam are valid. To put it simply, the exam is based on the Examination Content Outline which in turn reflects the knowledge, skills and tasks a practicing project manager performs.

Although the Exam Content Outline and the PMBOK® Guide have similarities, there are differences including the fact that the Exam Content Outline may cover some domains, tasks, knowledge, and skills that are not present in the PMBOK® Guide. Therefore, it is important for an aspirant to look for other project management resources besides the PMBOK® Guide.

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The quality of the questions is dependent on multiple factors including but not limited to covering all performance domains in a variety of ways including their models, methods and artifacts, knowledge of all terms and concepts, formulas, situational and interpretational aspects of all processes. The questions should be from all the Exam Content Outline Domains 2021 or PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition Performance Domains with more focus on tasks, knowledge, and skills which are based on the latest PMP® Examination Content Outline.

Our app free ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ provides 3600 questions, leading to thousands of unique test sets for aspirants preparing to sit for the important exam. The questions alignment with the Exam Content Outline (latest format), ensures that you practice questions based on PMI guidelines. The difficulty level of the questions is purposely kept from medium to high in order to better prepare you for the actual exam and increase your confidence. 

While the amount of material you need to cover in order to master the PMP® Exam may seem overwhelming at times, it is indeed achievable. PMP® Exam Mentor’ provides a review mode that includes the process of understanding the content through Flash Cards and Quizzes. Flashcards and Quizzes are effective tools to memorise and comprehend your knowledge about the important aspects of project management. Using flashcards for study helps you to answer the exam questions quickly and correctly. The provision of randomly generated quiz questions, complemented by instant result and explanation of correct/ incorrect answer allowing dynamic learning to occur.

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Additionally, in the assessment mode of the app, you can identify gaps in your knowledge through randomly generated timed tests and exams. Access to your score at the end allows correct assessment of your knowledge. The questions provided in the app are designed to generate randomly, ensuring each set of exam questions you sit is unique, thus improving your chances of success. Furthermore, all these questions are free, unrestricted and developed by a team of PMP® professionals with the knowledge of PMP® as well as technology.

Our free ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ app is an excellent source to learn, revise, and enhance your knowledge to help you prepare for the exam. The app allows you to take the material with you and study anywhere and anytime. It is a powerful, cost-effective, and goal-oriented solution. Quickly skim through the app for PMP® exam preparation while using public transport or while waiting for the doctor and then assess your knowledge with hundreds of flashcards and practice questions.

PMP® Exam Mentor

The ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ app allows choosing how you learn, what you learn, and when you learn. This app would help you immensely in various aspects of Project Management whether you are preparing for the PMP® certification exam or you are a practicing project manager. The ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ app provides you an opportunity to make the best use of mobility moments (a quick short time available while commuting, waiting, in-between meetings, small breaks, etc.) to quickly refresh your knowledge on various aspects. This app is made up of various sections providing you with a multidimensional learning path.

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PMP® Exam Mentor 2022 Edition free app is a quick reference guide that helps PMP® Exam certification aspirants prepare and revise for the important exam based on “Examination Content Outline – January 2021” and PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition

List of features

  • 35 Tasks based on the latest Examination Content Outline – January 2021
  • 12 Principles based on PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition
  • 8 Domains with their Models, Methods, and Artifacts
  • 1006 Glossary terms with easy navigation and easy-to-understand definitions
  • 64 Formulas with examples for quick revision
  • 265 Tips to help with the exam
  • 1800 Flashcards for memorizing important contents
  • 49 Cheat Sheets for last-minute revision
  • 3600 Questions Simulator with Drill, Quiz, Test, and Exam modes for extensive practice

The ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ app is available free for all the following platforms (for both phone and tablet) providing you a consistent and unified experience across these platforms.

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Download from iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon app stores using the following links:

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