Classroom vs Self Study

Many people recognize that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. Everyone has a mix of learning styles. Arguments both for and against traditional classroom training for the PMP® exam and self-study/online preparation are presented here. It is up to you to understand your learning style and decide what suits you the best based on your needs and requirements.  

Option 1: Traditional Classroom Training

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  • Requires least amount of self-discipline as candidates are guided by the instructor and must devote certain amount of time to study over a period of time.
  • Can count for 35 contact hours as Local Project Management Institute (PMI) chapters and PMI “Authorized Training Partner” (ATPs) offer workshops, boot camps and classes target specific areas and explain examination techniques.
  • Suits those with hands on learning style. For some, hands on experience allows them to retain more information and remember whatever has been covered more clearly.
  • The interaction of a classroom environment suits some as it tends to allow passing of information that assists in the learning process.
  • It is however still wise to combine classroom learning with self-revision. Download our free app ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ to revise for the exam. The app covers all 8 Performance Domains with their models, methods and artifacts, Tasks, Principles, Glossary, Formulas, Cheat Sheets, Tips, and mock questions to practice from to add on to your classroom learning. 

Option 2: Self or Online study

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  • Usually less expensive than instructor led training and suitable for those with restricted or unpredictable study schedules. 
  • Requires large amount of self-discipline. 
  • Flexible means of achieving 35 contact hours by undertaking online courses with registered ATPs.
  • Provides freedom to study on your own pace whilst still achieve PMI® requirements. 
  • It is great way to prepare for the exam while maintaining family and work commitments. 
  • Suits those with a mix of learning styles including visual and audio. Multimedia component such as videos, audios, and case examples can be highly effective for some.
  • Having access to forums or teachers through online course means candidates can access clarifications if needed.
  • In depth understanding of the content can be achieved by reading PMBOK® Guide and PMP Exam Prep: Rita’s Course in a Book for Passing the PMP® Exam.   

Deciding what’s best for you

  • It is up to you to decide what learning style suits your requirements the most. 
  • However regardless of what you choose, both online and classroom study require additional independent study to boost your chances of success
  • Undertake self-study by using our free app ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ which is an excellent source for your self-study based on PMBOK® Guide 7th edition.

Our free ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ app is an excellent source to learn, revise, and enhance your knowledge to help you prepare for the exam. The app allows you to take the material with you and study anywhere and anytime. It is a powerful, cost-effective, and goal-oriented solution. Quickly skim through the app for PMP® exam preparation while using public transport or while waiting for the doctor and then assess your knowledge with hundreds of flashcards and practice questions.

PMP® Exam Mentor

The ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ app allows choosing how you learn, what you learn, and when you learn. This app would help you immensely in various aspects of Project Management whether you are preparing for the PMP® certification exam or you are a practicing project manager. The ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ app provides you an opportunity to make the best use of mobility moments (a quick short time available while commuting, waiting, in-between meetings, small breaks, etc.) to quickly refresh your knowledge on various aspects. This app is made up of various sections providing you with a multidimensional learning path.

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PMP® Exam Mentor 2022 Edition free app is a quick reference guide that helps PMP® Exam certification aspirants prepare and revise for the important exam based on “Examination Content Outline – January 2021” and PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition

List of features

  • 35 Tasks based on the latest Examination Content Outline – January 2021
  • 12 Principles based on PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition
  • 8 Domains with their Models, Methods, and Artifacts
  • 1006 Glossary terms with easy navigation and easy-to-understand definitions
  • 64 Formulas with examples for quick revision
  • 265 Tips to help with the exam
  • 1800 Flashcards for memorizing important contents
  • 49 Cheat Sheets for last-minute revision
  • 3600 Questions Simulator with Drill, Quiz, Test, and Exam modes for extensive practice

The ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ app is available free for all the following platforms (for both phone and tablet) providing you a consistent and unified experience across these platforms.

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Download from iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon app stores using the following links:

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