Wished I worked on harder questions!

The ‘PMP® Exam is indeed a tough exam to pass and requires not only good project management knowledge but also the ability to apply it to answer questions correctly. The questions are complex and difficult most of the time and test your thoroughness on the subject matter. To prepare yourself to achieve success, you require a good set of practice tests with the right degree of the quality and quantity to cover each and every aspect of project management. 

Why aspirants Fail in PMP® exam!

A lot of aspirants fail in the PMP® exam and some of them even fail multiple times. An unconfirmed source puts the failure rate as high for the PMP® exam in the first attempt. And if you fail 3 times, there is a waiting period of one year from the last exam date. There are many reasons for failures and the reason varies from person to person. Whatever may be the reason for failures, the outcome is still very unpleasing nonetheless. The cost of such failures is not only financial but also has a long-lasting psychological impact on the aspirants. Passing the PMP® exam is not easy and it can cost you a lot of money and time. If you do not pass in the first attempt and end up giving multiple times, it is not a desirable outcome for your career.

3600 and 3 Grades of Questions

The 3 Grades with different levels of difficulty and complexity of questions help you to practice and prepare in such a way that improves the chance to pass the PMP® Exam in the first attempt itself. The questions are designed in such a way that enables learning PMBOK® Guide based knowledge and concepts while practicing using different modes of practice viz., Drill, Quiz, Test, and Exam.

New updates in PMP® Exam Mentor app!

We have updated our free app ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ and have added exciting new features and content.

Cheat Sheet – PMP® Exam last minute revision

While questions on formulas alone are fair and few in the PMP® Exam, some of the questions in the exam require you to know formulas beyond the PMBOK® Guide. The “PMP® Exam Mentor” app gives you access to 62 formulas with example to help you understand how you can apply those formulas in the exam.

New Analytics Feature in PMP® Exam Mentor app

In order to be successful (preferably in the first attempt itself), knowing and identifying your weak Knowledge Areas and Process Groups is essential. Also as you learn and progress, you should be able to see the improvements in the scores. This not only requires the result of each attempt but also the average depicting your overall score. This information should be based on both Knowledge Area and Process Groups so that you can work to improve your performance.

Last mile study for the PMP® Exam

As most in the PMP® community are aware, success always has its home in the last mile. Usually, being successful in this final step is what separates aspirants from certified practitioners. When preparing for the exam, many of us thoroughly study the PMBOK® Guide, yet are unsuccessful in passing the tough challenge.

Exciting new updates in PMP® Exam Mentor app!

We have updated our free app ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ and have added exciting new features and content.

How to choose the correct answer in the PMP® Exam

There are different types of questions that come up in the exam and require different ways to tackle the question. There can be 5-6 different types of question in the exam. There are many ways to answer the questions correctly.

PMP® Exam Mentor App for PMBOK® 6th Edition


• Aligned Questions and Content to PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition 

• 3600 Questions Simulator now (1200 more Questions added)

• 1600 Flashcards now (220 Flashcards more added)

• More drill levels for step-wise increasing levels practice

• More variety and difficulty level of questions

Master the PMP® Exam

While the amount of material you need to cover in order to master the PMP® exam may see overwhelming at times, it is indeed achievable provided you follow a simple, two-mode revision and assessment method to learn and master exam questions through our free app PMP® Exam Mentor.

Should you memorize ITTO

Should PMP® certification aspirants remember and/or memorize all the Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs for the exam? This question comes in every aspirant’s mind while preparing for the exam.

Importance of PMP® Examination Content Outline

Many aspirants of the PMP® Exam are often unaware of PMP® Examination Content Outline and some successful credential holders are also unfamiliar with the importance as well. The Project Management Institute uses the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. This is to support its process with industry best practices.

Types of questions in the PMP®Exam

The PMP® Exam is a four hour, 200 multiple choice questions exam. It includes different types of questions such as situational, knowledge, formula, interpretational, and ethics based questions. Each question comes with its own set of challenges and one must get used to all types of these questions. The Project Management Institute will examine one’s ability to analyse, apply informational logically, and use their mathematical, management, and leadership skills.

Classroom vs Self Study

Many people recognize that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. Everyone has a mix of learning styles. Arguments both for and against traditional classroom training for the PMP® exam and self-study/online preparation are presented here. It is up to you to understand your learning style and decide what suits you the best based on your needs and requirements.

Importance of PMBOK® Guide Glossary

The PMBOK® Guide Glossary provides hundreds of definitions of terms and acronyms used throughout project management and the PMBOK® Guide.  You will have to understand each and every definition as per PMBOK® Guide. The importance of having a glossary of commonly used terms & concepts is a must when implementing a project management methodology and managing projects.

App you need to pass the PMP® Exam

3600 questions simulator with Drill, Quiz, Test and Exam Mode with 3 different levels of difficulty and complexity with explanations.

PMP® Exam Mentor app is a quick reference guide that helps PMP® Exam certification aspirants prepare and revise for the important exam.

How to pass the PMP® exam

With careful planning and a mapped out study plan, you can indeed pass the PMP® exam on the first go. Many of you have chosen to read this blog post because you wish to successfully crack the exam on the first go. Attempting to pass the PMP® exam can seem like a daunting task when one first decides to undertake the process.